VI. Raise your wand to what lies ahead!

The logo of Dziobak Larp Studios (dziobak is the polish name of the platypus)

NB: Usually we write in Norwegian but because this is about an international community, I will write it in English.

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Today I will talk about someone that inspires me and whom I strongly admire! Dziobak Larp Studios have made dreams a reality for people around the world. They've made Legends of Arabia in Abu Dhabi, College of Wizardry in Poland and Road Trip on Route 66 in the US.

For me, it started with CoW! Those of you who are aware will see that some of my productions are heavily inspired by this magical adventure. I have been lucky enough to experience CoW twice! Both times as a senior student in house Durentius, and the first time I was even one of the prefects!

The first “College of Wizardry” (CoW) was organized five years ago at the amazing Zamek Czocha in Poland. The organizers were the polish Liveform and the danish Rollespilsfabriken and Rollespilsakademiet. They organized three events before they created Dziobak Larp Studios to run the rest. Now, five years later they have produced extraordinary experiences all around the world!

Sadly everything has to end someday, and yesterday came the message that Dziobak is closing down operations effective immediately. Those of you who have experienced the magic of Dziobak knows that they have done something unique and magical for people all over the world!

Larp can touch you in many unexpected ways, and what touched me the most was the feeling of togetherness and even family! Dziobak hasn't just created an amazing experience, they've created a community and it makes me sad that they now have to leave the community they started themselves.

There is some positive news though. Even if Dziobak is closing down, their productions will live on. Other companies and organizers are stepping in and taking over the concepts, and though it will never be the same, I'm looking forward to seeing what is coming.

Right now I just want to say thank you! Thank you to my fellow players. Thank you to the amazing NPCs or castle goblins. And last but not least, Thank you to the Dziobaks. I will miss you!

-Alvin Lindø, Cow player and CEO of AnsuR ANS

Velkommen til AnsuR — Experience Design. Vi jobber med DRAMA, OPPLEVELSESDESIGN og INTERAKTIV FORMIDLING.

Velkommen til AnsuR — Experience Design. Vi jobber med DRAMA, OPPLEVELSESDESIGN og INTERAKTIV FORMIDLING.